Tale of Ronin

Game System

An inkstyle digital artwork of a samurai mediating with a peaceful face on the left. On the upper right screen it shows two samurai fighting, with one swinging their sword in a successful hit with red ink symbolizing a splash of blood.

The Mind of a Samurai

Samurai were required to be physically strong to perform effectively in combat. However, mental strength was just as essential as physical strength. Meditation and zen were integral parts of the samurai lifestyle designed to help warriors develop mental fortitude. In Tale of Ronin, this focus on the mind of a samurai is reflected in the …

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A detailed piece of artwork showing a smugglers shop with the shopkeep standing in front. The room is cluttered with different Edo-period artifacts, relics, and armor. The shopkeep, or smuggler, has a monocle and wears a purple robe with multiple coin purses on his belt.

The Making of a Smuggler’s Shop: Tale of Ronin’s Artistic Process

Tale of Ronin is a narrative-driven RPG, but the visuals also play a key role in establishing the world and atmosphere of the game. This is especially true for the real-life locations players can visit. Edo period Japan is well-documented, so keeping the environments and villages realistic is important to our team. One location available …

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Role-Playing Skills in Tale of Ronin

Role-playing is a fundamental aspect of Tale of Ronin. Each ronin you play as possesses unique characteristics, including specific skills. The game features a total of 15 skills divided into five distinct categories. Some give an advantage in combat, while others offer passive features to aid survival in the challenging world. Certain skills are utilized …

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A stylized art of samurai in Edo period Japan. Used as a reference to the Tale of Ronin games Sekai System.

Tale of Ronin: Sekai System

Tale of Ronin tells the story of the ronin as a group. Rather than focus on a single character, it looks at how an entire class of people might have lived. One way the game seeks to do this is by letting players take on the role of multiple different ronin trying to survive in …

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Camping System

An important part of wandering is knowing when to settle down for the night. When playing as a ronin, you can decide to stop and set up camp for a while at any moment. While in the camp, you can choose from a list of different activities to gain various results. The most important activity …

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A detailed piece of artwork showing a village called Saka Village in the Tale of Ronin game.

The Saka Village

Saka village is the home to various travelers, merchants and ronin. One of the few villages that is not part of any territory owned by a lord, a Daimyo. One of the few locations that the peasants don’t have to hand over their life’s work to the land owners and starve day and night. Many …

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On the Ronin and Shame

When honor is all that you live for, when it is ingrained in your soul throughout your life, when it is what defines your identity as a samurai, the question is will it ever leave you? Honor is constructed on the foundation of a code of honor, a reference to evaluate your every action. For …

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A stylized icon of art showing a samurai and a dragon over a red circular sun.

Tale of Ronin Comics

We will be releasing a few comics in order to further introduce you to the game world and the characters. The first one, an introduction to Tale of Ronin is ready now, enjoy!