Tale of Ronin


Samurai Movies and the Human Side of the Samurai

The word ‘samurai’ comes from “saburai,” and it means “to serve” and “to keep watch.” Samurai were warriors who served a lord known as a daimyo and followed the values of Bushido, “the way of the warrior.” This chivalrous code of honor was based on moral principles such as bravery, sacrifice, and honesty. Needless to …

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Timeless Classics

There are a lot of timeless classics from Japanese cinema that are huge inspirations for Tale of Ronin. Our team recently watched Seven Samurai again and we once again bowed to the mastery and art of Akira Kurosawa. There are rarely movies 3.5 hours long which can pin you to your chair. Here is the …

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Free to Roam

A very interesting aspect of a masterless Samurai, Ronin, is the freedom they have to do whatever they wish or roam wherever they desire. This sense of freedom is an important goal in our game design and ideally we would like to let the gamer experience this freedom to create his own story in the …

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