Tale of Ronin


Iaijustsu is the art of drawing the sword for the classical warrior, the Bushi, the Samurai. Often times the result of the combat needs to be resolved in a fraction of a second, un-sheathing the Katana, wiping the blood and sheathing back. Zanshin is the state of awareness for the Samurai that can lead to …

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We’ve been quite busy these days solidifying the design of Hachiman, our combat system. The core principle of Hachiman is to be as close to the feel and essence of one on one Samurai sword fight as possible while utilizing a turn-based game system. We will be talking about and showing more about the game …

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A stylized icon of art showing a samurai and a dragon over a red circular sun.

The Road Ahead

We are very glad about all the positive feedback we have received after our official announcement trailer. For us the most important factor is to find some people out there as interested as ourselves in the vision that we have for Tale of Ronin. This gives us the additional energy and drive to focus and …

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Debut Trailer

And here is our debut trailer! Follow our twitter to get the latest updates about the game:http://twitter.com/taleofronin

The Game Setting

So how did we come up with this setting? Delving into feudal Japan and the details of the Samurai culture and curiosity towards their conscience and emotional aspects? Well, this really did happen when a game developer who was raised in Japan during his childhood and fell in love with the Japanese traditions and various …

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Free to Roam

A very interesting aspect of a masterless Samurai, Ronin, is the freedom they have to do whatever they wish or roam wherever they desire. This sense of freedom is an important goal in our game design and ideally we would like to let the gamer experience this freedom to create his own story in the …

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Traveling as a Ronin

Here is a quick GIF showing the traversal look and feel in the game. Being able to explore the game map is quite important for a Ronin. You will encounter various people during the travel.

The Pillars of Tale of Ronin

We are currently in the pre-production phase for the development of Tale of Ronin and making sure we nail down the main game systems and mechanics is one of our targets during this phase. What helps us define and select the proper mechanics are the main pillars that we wanted the game to be based …

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