Tale of Ronin

The Game Setting

So how did we come up with this setting? Delving into feudal Japan and the details of the Samurai culture and curiosity towards their conscience and emotional aspects? Well, this really did happen when a game developer who was raised in Japan during his childhood and fell in love with the Japanese traditions and various cultural content met a great coder who practiced and studied Zen and then they were complemented by a talented artist looking to explore a new art style inspired by traditional eastern paintings and ink work. As simple as that!

We constantly drown ourselves in our reference books, study the details of masterpieces like Akira Kurosawa’s movies and get inspirations from a few unique Anime such as Shigurui, Death Frenzy.

Here is a sneak peak at some of our reference material:

We hope to share a lot about all the great material we get inspired by as we proceed with the development.