Tale of Ronin

The Saka Village

Saka village is the home to various travelers, merchants and ronin. One of the few villages that is not part of any territory owned by a lord, a Daimyo. One of the few locations that the peasants don’t have to hand over their life’s work to the land owners and starve day and night.

Many escaping their villages or cities find a safe place in Saka village. The free spirited ronin make sure this spot keeps its independence and a temporary unity is experienced by those staying at this place. At least before they depart for their next unknown destination.

Thinking about this transience feeling makes every corner of Saka look even more beautiful to those staying in it.

Warriors come to Saka to find peace, farmers look for a new life, merchants see prosperous business and the monk believe the Kami have a special reason to protect this land.