Tale of Ronin

On the Ronin and Shame

When honor is all that you live for, when it is ingrained in your soul throughout your life, when it is what defines your identity as a samurai, the question is will it ever leave you?

Honor is constructed on the foundation of a code of honor, a reference to evaluate your every action. For the samurai, their reference is the values of their lords and clans. The better they serve, the higher the honor.

What if they lose their lords? What if they lose their references for evaluating their worth and measuring their honor? What if they become ronin?

This lost honor is the main point of struggle for a ronin that is experiencing a new life, a life of freedom. When honor leaves, what replaces it is shame. The ronin struggle with shame every second they breathe. Will they find new meanings or will it lead to their destruction?

Shame is a key attribute in Tale of Ronin.