Tale of Ronin

Camping System

An important part of wandering is knowing when to settle down for the night. When playing as a ronin, you can decide to stop and set up camp for a while at any moment. While in the camp, you can choose from a list of different activities to gain various results.

The most important activity performed in camp is resting. You can either rest until morning and skip the night or rest for a while to regain energy. Either way, people, threats, or both may approach you while you’re sleeping. You can also prepare and eat food to stave off starvation and improve your performance during combat. Drinking sake is also on the table. It could be a good opportunity to bond with party members — if you have them.

You can also choose to guard the camp. Staying alert will allow you to prepare for any possible threats. Alternatively, you can practice your combat skills and hone your swordsmanship. It may also be a good idea to explore the area. Since you can set up camp almost anywhere, you never know what you may find nearby.

There are also a number of more relaxed pursuits you can enjoy, beginning with meditation. Every ronin strives for a truly empty mind, and meditation is an opportunity to cleanse your soul of its burdens. This will help the ronin make better decisions and be more mentally prepared for combat. Practicing art will allow your ronin to indulge in the traditional samurai practices of calligraphy and painting. This, too, will help free your mind. On the other end of the spectrum, you could smoke and reflect on things if you have a kiseru pipe and tobacco.

Some ronin will know how to hunt and carry the necessary tools. Others may be familiar with how to heal wounds. In either case, stopping your travels to attend to your party’s needs is a good idea if you’re in trouble.

Of course, spending time in one spot has its risks. The world of Tale of Ronin is not safe, and the longer you stand still, the more threats will hover around you. Always consider the tradeoffs when you prepare to set up camp.