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A stylized black painting of a Japanese woman resembling a fox, with ears and a tail. This is concept art of a kitsune made for the Tale of Ronin game.

Kitsune: Japan’s Tradition of Spirit Foxes

Foxes are considered to be magical creatures in many different cultures. Across European, Scandinavian, and Celtic folklore, the fox is often depicted as a cunning trickster who may possess supernatural powers. East Asia has historically viewed the fox with similar traits. The Japanese kitsune has become notorious as an otherworldly trickster spirit. Powerful, flighty, and…

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Tale of Ronin: Sekai System

Tale of Ronin tells the story of the ronin as a group. Rather than focus on a single character, it looks at how an entire class of people might have lived. One way the game seeks to do this is by letting players take on the role of multiple different ronin trying to survive in…

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Toyotomi Hideyori: Tale of Ronin’s Tragic Hero

The Siege of Osaka is one of the key historical events that Tale of Ronin takes inspiration from and Toyotomi Hideyori is one of the most important people involved. In the game and in real life, Hideyori was the son of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of Japan’s ‘Three Great Unifiers.’ Hideyoshi was not born a samurai,…

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The Siege of Osaka: Tale of Ronin’s Inciting Incident

While the Battle of Sekigahara was the greatest battle in Japanese history, the Siege of Osaka plays a greater role in Tale of Ronin. The label ‘Siege of Osaka’ actually refers to two separate battles, the Winter Siege of Osaka and the Summer Siege of Osaka, during which the Edo bakufu destroyed the Toyotomi clan.…

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Dororo: Tezuka Osamu’s Take on the Ronin

Tezuka Osamu has been called the “Father of Manga,” and he’s widely credited with laying down the foundations for the art form. Throughout his life, he created over 700 comics for a wide variety of genres. Dororo was Tezuka’s take on a samurai story. Dark, cinematic, and often disturbing, the series was one of the…

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