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From Taboo to Table: Tracing Japan’s Meat Prohibition History

For centuries, Japan upheld a strict taboo against consuming meat, particularly beef, driven by both religious and practical considerations. Guided by Buddhist principles of respect for life and the avoidance of waste, as well as Shinto beliefs surrounding purity related to blood and death, the Japanese largely avoided meat consumption for over 12 centuries. It…

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Tale of Ronin Audio Design

Video games, with their ability to immerse players in captivating virtual worlds, owe a portion of their magic to the artistry of sound. Within ‘Tale of Ronin,’ we have aimed to bring the rich environment of Edo period Japan to life through sound, from the swing of a samurai’s blade to the rustle of cherry…

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EarReality Collaboration

Today, we are thrilled to unveil an upcoming collaboration between Dead Mage Studio and EarReality! EarReality specializes in assisting creators build and publish interactive audio stories, creating unique and immersive experiences. We will be working together to bring you engaging stories based on “Tale of Ronin”, providing insight into the games locations, characters, and era.…

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Neo-Confucianism in Edo Period Japan

Japan’s Edo period (1603–1867) was a time of peace and significant cultural shift. Religion and spirituality had been deeply affected by the Warring States period, a century of near-constant civil war. When the Tokugawa clan took power, the family raised a new dominant philosophy to help keep the land stable: Neo-Confucianism. Neo-Confucianism was introduced to…

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Rashomon: Continued

In our previous blog post, we introduced Rashomon, our in-house narrative design tool, and explained how it streamlines our creation process. Today, we’ll dive deeper into Rashomon’s capabilities and share a sneak peek of some of Tale of Ronin’s dialog. As covered previously, Rashomon uses graphs and a variety of different features to build nonlinear…

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